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Ricky Whitemore Ricky Whitemore - Spiritualist Medium

Readings - Clairvoyance Demonstrations - Trance Mediumship Demonstrations - Trance & Mental Mediumship Workshops - Philosophical & Uplifting Talks

Tel: 07960049114
Website: www.rickywhitemore.co.uk

Mediumship for me is form of healing, to know that loved ones are still around and are safe and well brings great comfort to those still here on the Earth. Mediumship is so much more than just talking to ‘dead people’, it is another way of learning a spiritual life style and expanding our awareness so it can help with all aspects of life in a positive way. Spirituality teaches respect, compassion and humility but just as importantly it helps me to cope with modern life and the hustle and bustle which it brings.
Born in 1967 I come from a heredity line of mediums going back three generations, I have been lucky enough to see visitors of the spirit realms since the age of 3. Through my teens and twenties I decided to turn my back on my spiritual upbringing and live a more conventional life doing jobs such as making boat propellers and running a small company however by my mid thirties I decided that there has to be more to life and decided to go back to Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church, it was there in 2004 that I started sitting in circle and slowly but surely my life and philosophies started to change.
I was 44 by the time I did my first demonstration of mediumship and at the time was still in a stressful job running a home for children with challenging behaviour. I decided to give up my day job in September 2014 and work full time as a medium and healer, so here I am!!

So, how can I help you? My readings are for guidance when we are not sure which way to turn. They are also a way of knowing that your loved ones are here, they are a form of healing and will give you a feeling of upliftment and hope. I am able to offer Clairvoyant Reiki healing. I am running an awareness circle to give you the opportunity to unfold in a safe and friendly environment. I do demonstrations of clairvoyance and trance mediumship and finally I will shortly bring you a range of meditation and relaxation products to help you reach your inner self, to follow your own guidance and help make the correct decisions in your life.

Website: www.rickywhitemore.co.uk

The New Way - Rob Dumbarton and Barnie

Rob Dumbarton has an indescribable gift, which allows people to attune to the vibration that they need to receive for themselves. The result is to be harmonised with one’s own soul.
When the body is harmonised with the soul, it is aligned on its own path to a strong connection with the Great Spirit that you are a part of. Every level of your “being” becomes harmonised with your true self, now and forever.
There is no name for what you receive.
What you receive can seem intangible, indefinable, sometimes vague, but the results of a session are usually very real and very tangible. Within a few days, many find that their lives have begun to turn around, some of the things that have been holding you back can begin to disappear from your life, maybe even some things that you believed you needed. Some of these things can be shackling you to an existence that is preventing you from expanding your consciousness and keeping you serving needs and priorities that are not your own.
Becoming free from the shackles of the past can be as simple as a chat with Rob.

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Danielle Chaker Image Visualise Creative Life Coaching with Danielle Chaker

Have you ever dreamed of living a more fulfilled life? Would you like to start living rather than merely existing? Would you like the confidence to be who you want to be? Do you feel that there is more to life than this?

Danielle Chaker is a Devon-based Life Coach who can help you manifest the kind of life you wish to live using a range of creative skills in her work, including relaxation and focused visualisation.
Life Coaching can help to bridge the gap between our vision of who or where we want to be, and reality as it is right now. It can help to articulate our thoughts, and put our ideas and dreams into reality.
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One Life Coaching with Rob Winter
Creating Emotional and Physical Empowerment

"We all experience life’s unexpected events, whether good, bad or indifferent and it can come at any age.
The most important message I would like to convey to you right from the start is there is a path out of unwelcome negative feelings. These feelings can be caused by any event, or events, that have turned your world upside down.
Positive experiences are obviously good for us, but unfortunately there is also a risk that we can drag old negative experiences from our past into our present lives, with a risk of negatively affecting our present and future outcomes.
These past experiences are running at the unconscious level and can bring on some presenting symptoms; for trauma associated events such as sleep disturbances, flashbacks, anxiety, tiredness, hyper arousal, mood swings, avoidance, and depression. Unconscious thinking patterns are feelings that something isn’t quite right in our lives, and are giving us negative emotions that reflect on a daily basis.
The good news is that my approach is gentle, non-invasive, and safe.
I will work with you on all negative emotions associated with your past experience that are holding you back, or are making you feel unwell. Research suggests that a large part of the western world’s illnesses are caused by stress.
I use a combination of Spectrum Therapy, Guided Relaxation and Hypnosis. This process is extremely suitable for trauma associated events such as PTSD. This allows me to work directly with your unconscious mind, initiating lasting changes over a relatively short time period. This process releases negative emotions from memories without having to revisit the content of the memory in specific detail." Rob Winter

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Prajna Spiritual Shop Prajna - 14 The Parade. Exmouth. Devon. EX8 1RW.

Prajna is a new age shop based in Exmouth, Devon specialising in crystals, fossils and alternative products.
Prajna's crystals are some of the lowest priced you will find in the country.

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