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We are group of like-minded people who believe in the existence of Spirit and the value of Psychic activities.
Engaging with the Spiritual and Psychic Worlds can be a positive, empowering and life-enhancing experience.

We provide workshops, groups, courses and demonstrations to help people benefit from Spirit communication and Psychic practises.
We also provide a range of spiritual and psychic services for individuals. We invite you to browse through our range of services and activities.

Everything we do comes from the heart.

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Alison Hennessey

Alison Hennessey - Psychic Reader and Medium

Face to Face Readings ~ Telephone Readings
Email Readings ~ Pamper Nites
From £15 to £30 per person

To find out more or book a psychic reading with Alison, click here...

Face to face readings are back!

We are happy to announce that Alison is returning for
face to face appointments in October.
Please contact Alison on: 07816 926568 for details.


Healing Page

Visit our Healing Page - appointments available

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Email Readings Available

UPDATE: Telephone and Face-to-face Readings now also available - please use the link below...

Alison is now available for email readings, both psychic and mediumship, for £15 a reading.
Book with Alison online and she will email you back to confirm your request, providing you with a reading within 3 days of her first reply.
To book your reading, click here...
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Pamper Nites

If you are thinking of adding a new element to an evening with friends, we can arrange positive, inspiring and relaxing evenings of meditation or healing for you.

Alternatively 1-2-1 psychic readings or mediumship are available. (Small parties of 4 to 7 people.) Chose from:
1-2-1 Readings or Mediumship;
Meditation Evenings;
Healing Evenings;
Meditation & Healing combined.
Available in the local Devon area.
Contact us to discuss your preference.
Email or telephone 07816 926568

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Andrew Keller - Spiritual Navigator

Spiritual Navigator Signpost
Signposts for your life.. if you are seeking direction as a spiritual being on your planetary journey, I am here to help you navigate your path.

What is a navigation session? My name is Andrew and, with the help of healing, channelling, signposting and a range of psychic skills, I can help you plan and embark on the next level of your journey.
Sessions reveal what is possible for you and you may be surprised at the choices that can unfold!

Contact me by email:

No job too small!

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Universal Energy Healing with Andrew Keller

One-to-one healing in Exeter and locality

Universal Energy Healing
Andrew has developed a unique healing system which cleanses and unblocks the energy field resulting in an "energy detox". This leaves you with a free-flow of energy within your body, feeling serene and uplifted.

Email Andrew:

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One of the joys of working in this field is the chance to connect with colleagues who bring with them such positive, enriching approaches to life.

Ricky Whitemore - Spiritualist Medium

Ricky Whitemore - Spiritualist Medium
By connecting the two worlds and learning from their ultimate wisdom we can all move forward positively within our own lives and feel the peace and love that we all deserve.

Readings: In Person, Telephone, Skype and Reading Parties
Clairvoyance Demonstrations
Trance Mediumship Demonstrations
Trance & Mental Mediumship Workshops
Philosophical & Uplifting Talks

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to book a space at an event, a deposit is needed and all deposits paid are non-refundable.
If you do not wish to use online payment, you are welcome to contact us on 07816 926568
or email: