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Psychic, Mediumistic and Spiritual Development

Alternate Wednesdays: 7pm until 9pm
Exploring various ways to unfold the natural Mediumship and Psychic abilities in each of us using techniques given to us by those in the Spirit World.

Are you interested in the world of Mediumship and Psychic abilities but not yet taken the plunge?
Are you worried about what it's like?... where to go?...
where can you learn more?

This group is designed to help you feel comfortable and at ease with developing your skills.
Everybody has Mediumship and Psychic abilities and we are here to help you bring them out in a relaxed and positive environment.

What are the benefits to developing your abilities?
Developing your potential is an empowering, rewarding and uplifting experience.
You can use it to enhance your day-to-day life and to help provide support and assistance to friends and family.

Why not take the plunge with us!

Teaching and advice by two respected and Trusted teachers

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Alternate Wednesdays: Beginners & Advanced Development
7pm - 9pm
Per Group session £5

Groups are held at
The Friends Meeting House
Wynards Lane
Off Magdalen Street
Exeter, EX2 4HU

Development Group sessions are booked on a six-weekly basis and prepaid.

Please email or telephone before coming to class as places are limited or 07816 926568